American dating australian girl

I realize I can’t speak american dating australian girl all Australian people. I am but one in a country of 23 million wonderfully unique people. But what I can do is speak in generalizations, because sometimes stereotypes aren’t damaging or hurtful, they’re just mostly observations based on truth. I am fully aware that my purview does not speak for all Australian women, but to a certain type of Australian woman that I have had the pleasure of being around.

That’s not to say the same Australian women don’t have their foibles. We can’t be sun kissed Goddesses all the time. Who doesn’t love a foreign accent? She appreciates good foodI happen to think Melbourne has the best and most diverse selection of food of any city I’ve ever been to, including New York. Generally, Australians like quality produce and all sorts of flavors, so you’re going to be able to share some great meals with an Aussie woman.

That being said, there are cold seasons and parts of Australia that snow. Seriously thought about going to Australia before, there is freedom of speech but not of spelling! To illustrate my point, it’s the best country in the world, im looking for a partner in life. Women or men, i’m 26 legal secretary looking for nice people.

So if you like coffee, you’ll find a world of wonders and delights with your Australian girlfriend. Which means most urban Australians, women or men, are what you’d call “cultured”, although you probably wouldn’t call them that because it sounds really wanky. I clicked on your page because I liked your response to another question, and saw your question re. I don’t know why, but Australians, generally, love to travel.

american dating australian girl

Australia, oddly, is also home to some of the best coffee and baristas in the world, which isn’t just a my opinion thing, it’s a fact thing. So if you like coffee, you’ll find a world of wonders and delights with your Australian girlfriend. So many urban Australians, like myself, are first generation from immigrant families, and those who are not have grown up in rich communities with diverse heritage.