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Russia is wildly acclaimed as the weirdest place on the planet and the way they try to find suitors online dating russian girl 9gag’t help that reputation. Come Get My Jaguar Power, Boys! Enjoy these absurd Russian dating site photos?

Check out insane GIFs of Russia being Russia and Facebook flirting fails! Looking for single Russian women for marriage, love, and romance? Our free dating site is a great way to find an amazing women from Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the Easten Europe. Listen up: Russian girls are where it’s at. I’ve never known a man or woman walk out of a relationship with one of us — no matter how brief, torturous, or complicated — and say that they regretted it.

It might be uncouth, and as much as I hate that tired phrase, listen up: Russian girls are where it’s at. So move along please. You can have that. And money is those Louboutin shoes she saw at Nordstrom the other day, william Faulkner is a pretty dope wordsmith too. If you piss us off, russians know how to work hard and play hard.

dating russian girl 9gag

Most Russian girls don’t actually sell themselves to American men for money. You haven’t experienced music until you’ve experienced Russian pop music, which is designed to comfortably lodge itself in the crevices of your brain until the end of time. Every Russian girl has a pile of burned CDs she’s gotten in the mail from her second cousin who lives in Moscow, and she will not hesitate to bust them out in the car. Just don’t expect her to let anyone walk all over her. Even if she just suspects you’re doubting her, or you’ve dissed her in the slightest, she’ll tell you what’s what.

She’s a survivor through and through, and probably the best person to weather a mosh pit with. Russian gals don’t flirt around any issue, problem, or disagreement, because they don’t have time to tiptoe. While her ways of communicating may be “ruthless,” to her, she thinks of this as maximizing time to the fullest.