Double up your dating

Meghan and Harry at Trooping the Colour! The Art of Double-Dating Cosmo decided to lay down the laws of chilling as a quartet — from the most foursome-friendly spots to try to conversation topics to avoid at all costs. It’s odd but so damn true: When you and your boyfriend go out with another couple, it almost feels like the two of double up your dating are dating them. Sure, you’re not planning on shagging Lauren and Mike after dinner and a movie, but back at home, you’ll probably ask your man, “Think they liked us?

Can you believe they only chipped in on a third of the bill! Double-dating always seems easy and fun,” says Josey Vogels, author of Dating: A Survival Guide from the Frontlines. But things can get really complicated really quickly. Insecurities, weirdness, touchy issues and even attractions can crop up with four people as easily as with two.

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double up your dating

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