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Being a great husband takes a variety of skills, from friend and compatriot, to lover and life partner. We selected our 10 Best Blogs for Husbands based on the quality of their content and the help they offer men who want to make the most of mormon dating advice blog family, career, lifestyle and more. Founded in 2009 by Tom Matlack, the site works to collect men’s stories about the defining moments in their life and share them with others.

It’s all about becoming the better man along the way. Paul admits he’s not perfect, but as a daily student of love, marriage and sexuality, he brings readers a thoughtful look at what it means to be male and married in the 21st century at The Generous Husband. He also brings his passion for effective communication to an active community of followers of both grooms and brides.

I’m completely and peacefully okay with not having a spouse. Called Popcorn and Podcasting, i am excited, but he looked pleased to see me. Your Heavenly Father has not forgotten you. And I wonder, someday when you’re married you’re going to love being a wife.

mormon dating advice blog

Being married can be a major challenge, one The Good Husband Blog embraces with gusto. Host Jay Higham takes a funny and honest look at how we practice generosity in our hearts and homes. With a strong focus on strengthening marriages and enriching intimacy together, Higham keeps the material light and relatable. I Am Husband gives husbands a clear view of the hazy battleground of matrimony. From an anonymous husband, he uses that concealment to address honest concerns from both sides of the marriage. There is a lot of emphasis given to maintaining a sense of humor.

Genuine Husband celebrates the institution of marriage and the many cornerstones that can help make it a lasting one. Topics deal with fellowship in the marriage, maintaining patience and understanding the viewpoint of your partner. With an extensive archive, the author examines matrimony through the prisms of religion, family and community. By Husbands for Husbands features a regular podcast of news and views from husbands interested in creatively romancing their wives while enhancing the marriage overall.