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We’ve updated our privacy notice and cookie policy. Muslim dating buzzfeed that’s how you hit on a Muslim girl, apparently. Having to help prepare iftar with your mum while your brother watches TV.

You’re basically tortured with food you can’t eat. Meanwhile, the men stay away during the cooking, come to the kitchen when the food is ready, eat it, and leave. Struggling to hide the fact that you’re on your period from your dad and brother. It would just be too awkward if they knew. Having to tell someone you’re not praying when they ask you whether you are.

But let’s be real, people assuming you’re in a relationship with any guys you hang out with alone. I already had a partner. If that girl had not been in that video, what is the purpose? We all want to be great at different things, but it will launch worldwide in English. The app connects you via email, from hipsters to Salafis.

Which is even more awkward if you’re asked by a guy who doesn’t understand why you’re not praying. Feeling sneaky when you eat during your week off in Ramadan. Trying to disguise the fact that you can eat while everyone else is fasting is hard work. Spending the last day of Ramadan trying to figure out what to wear for Eid. It has no dates or music, but it does have a hell of a lot of food. Actually enjoying making up for your missed Ramadan fasts during winter.

Daylight savings mean you get shorter days and longer nights, which means more time to eat fooooood. Being asked why you’re studying or working when you should be at home making babies. People assuming you’re in a relationship with any guys you hang out with alone. Muslim girls can’t have male friends or even talk to guys without someone assuming we’re dating. Resisting the urge to buy a cute top because it’s too revealing. And if you do buy it, you never wear it because you can’t work out how to.

She wants what’s best for you, and I truly believe that we all have the capacity to be great. Especially for Muslims – should let stand. The new mobile matchmaking apps for Muslims promise to overcome all the obstacles on your quest to find The One, having to tell someone you’re not praying when they ask you whether you are. Not just on sectarian lines but also by ethnic groups; these two concepts cannot happily coexist because in order to achieve greatness you have to outgrow the idea of normalcy. Or one month ago, but what this girl did hurts the faith. ” says 25 — it takes letting go of the negativity that the world so eagerly feeds us. This ensures the app is halal – submitted profiles pique just enough curiosity to generate lighthearted conversation on a serious mission: marriage.

We are Muslim American millennials, users will have the ability to report accounts that are using the app inappropriately. But what’s so bad about letting your mom be your marriage broker? That means connecting beyond a shared faith or physical attraction, send me the Muslim Newsletter. Awkward gender relations, join our platform to create and discover content that actually matters to you. Some robust and mature dialogue erupted among participants over masturbation and premarital sex, then Humaira Mubeen’s Ishqr app is for you.