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Tinder and Hinge finally have options created for their needs. A Canadian is jumping on the trend of smartphone dating apps that target particular religious groups, competing with recently built apps for Muslim singles such as Minder and the soon-to-launch Crescent. Vancouverite Khalil Jessa, 26, created Salaam Swipe to bridge the divides faced by Muslims in the West. Our communities are very divided ethnically as well. He wanted to give Muslims an avenue to meet outside of the traditional routes of via families, which in his view can limit the pool of potential partners.

These factors might not matter at all; and the reality is that meeting at the mosque can be challenging. I work with the city of Edmonton, and has the potential to make you happy. Commercial use only. Pharmacy at the university of manitoba switched to electrical engineering in my 4th year – i work over there in engineering management. Down to earth, understanding and very pionate and in intimacy I enjoy giving and receiving affection, grateful to Allah for all the blessings around my family and myself.

muslim singles canada

Jessa predicts users are more likely to find serious relationships using apps such as his, instead of general dating apps such as Tinder. 153 million industry in 2015, with mobile dating coming in second. But the report notes that with the rise of mobile, there has been decline of dating websites tailored to specific ethnic, religious and age groups. So it may be unsurprising there would be a new generation of apps to fill the void. And the reality is that meeting at the mosque can be challenging. It will also have Tinder’s popular online dating hack — it’s rejection-free, since users can initiate chats only with those who have liked them back.

I ENJOY TRAVELLING, i am currently a Canadian citizen and was born and lived in Sri Lanka till the age of 24. Choosing between things is not always easy, my eldest child got married just before her demise and now I have a grown up son who is still a bachelor. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, you’ll never pay a cent to use this site. Level of religious devotion and whether they’re looking for someone who is more liberal or conservative.