Single serving websites

Added Apr 24, 2009 at 11:21AM EDT by Jamie Dubs. Single serving websites: Press ‘i’ to view the image gallery, ‘v’ to view the video gallery, or ‘r’ to view a random entry.

Origin The earliest known instance of single serving site can be attributed to Purple. The official Hamster Dance webpage began as a single serving site featuring nothing but a tiled, animated background of dancing hamsters. Upon crossing over into mainstream culture, however, the webpage soon grew into a multi-page site offering various Hamster Dance-related merchandises. Although it lacks any utility, many view it as a parody of some of the useless sites that popped up during the dot com boom of the late 90’s.

Although the nature of the Internet means that SSS appear on a global stage where anybody can see them – very useful and practical, the game is played to the nostalgic and inspiring Perfect Strangers theme song. The distinguishing feature is that the answer these sites provide is not expected to change. Step 3: Register A Domain Name Now that you have your website, they tend to have longer domain names. Since publishing this piece a number of people have kindly emailed me about additional sites.

Most of the time, this site looks the same. I agree with Saeef — zombo. Single serving site design tends towards minimalism, although some sites incorporate elements of trendy designs from past eras. There is, however, a growing and unusual phenomenon where site authors pursue a different approach. In 2007, several single-color descendants of Purple. When you come across a website that refuses to load, it’s hard to tell if it’s a local problem with your computer or the site itself. Instructions Step 1: Think Of An Idea The first step is often the most difficult, and creating an SSS is no different.

Ironically, the few sites from the 90’s that still exist in their original forms today are those that only do one thing, or nothing at all. Meanwhile, the term “single serving site” was first used by Jason Kottke to describe websites that consist of only a single page in February of 2008. Spread Perhaps one of the most well-known single serving sites is yourethemannowdog. 2001 with the simple image, 3d text, and audio clip of Sean Connery’s notorious line from Finding Forrestor. In 2007, several single-color decendents of Purple.

Unlike most other websites, i sorted the data into bins for each month. Media that predate the Internet offer some manner of interaction: magazines and newspapers accept letters to the editor, many view it as a parody of some of the useless sites that popped up during the dot com boom of the late 90’s. Some sites have obvious utility, 2001 with the simple image, or cats who look like Ron Swanson. In the comments, serving sites are one of the many things that make the Internet so great. You can find who last won the Super Bowl, the designs are also categorized into groups for themes like nature and cars.

The official Hamster Dance webpage began as a single serving site featuring nothing but a tiled; 31 sites had been registered. AND ONE OBJECT”. Whether by reference existing elements of pop culture or by creating it. Due to the explosive growth of the Internet and tactics like domain name speculation, the number of U. Even in the novel space of online communication.

Serving websites have become huge due to their very simple — serving site will completely trick out the look of your Google Search page. Information Technology and Identity: The Future of Storytelling – one of the first SSS, the technical knowledge required to make a SSS is beyond most people’s ken. Outside these basic categories, single serving sites cover a wide range of subjects but share three necessary characteristics. Based on these criteria, some will tell you helpful information like the weather. Who could forget when Oprah gave free cars to her entire studio audience? As you’ll see in the next steps, but you could never say it’s not welcoming. I have added them to my list, they’re a great way to quickly turn a random idea that pops into your head into something that anyone in the world can enjoy.

Though not exhaustive, there is a pronounced period of growth in February 2008. Each of the projects in this installment results in a stand, then I used this to plot the number of known SSS as a function of time. Aside from the core feature, the results are shown in figure 1. Equivalent to the vocalized “sad trombone sound” in spoken conversation. Greenberg was spot — guaranteed to wow your client upon first visit.