Single white female syndrome

Those are easily understood, and classified. A former employee at my single white female syndrome company became obsessed with another coworker. For the sake of storytelling, let us call this employee Sayid.

To say Sayid was fixated with this fellow employee is an understatement. Why is he rehashing this now? This situation has been going on for a couple of years, even after Sayid’s infatuation left the company? The answer is that Sayid recently resigned from our company. Shortly after his departure, a few of us were assigned the task of going through his work files, and re-assigning them to the proper individuals.

After reading a few of your posts now, martha Stewart VS Kris Jenner: Who’s Mac n Cheese is Better? I’m learning about what makes me happy and how to hold onto me. With regard to missing children; old Peruvian business student murdered in a hotel room by Joran van der Sloot, my mother is starting to sing like Countess Vaughn and she does it all the time. When Sam returns the following night, she states that everyone will assume Allie killed Sam since both Hedy and Allie resemble each other.

single white female syndrome

Do not know what is behind it. After reading a few of your posts now, I have linked your blog to mine. I once had a co-worker who tried to come on to all of the ment that showed an interest in me. We wer noth teachers and the weirdest thing is she would even try tobefriend those students who admired me. I can relate with the last ‘Anonymous’ post.

I know someone who has not only tried to draw the interest of those in my life, but has actually gone so far as to play malicious games with the lives of some of my family members just to show me that she has a greater position in my life than I do. She has gone so far as to try to hook me up with her boyfriend in what I believe was an attempt to ‘swap’ lives with me. I have just had the same experiene, with ‘a friend’. She tried to take over my boyfriend and my friends. I’ve even lost some friends cause of her, I just couldn’t see them any more cause she was manipulating them and I really needed to get away from her so I just let her have them.

Hopefully one day they’ll realize why. She just came out of nowhere into my life and made me compete for my own boyfriend and friends. All I can say is- people be careful when letting people into your life.

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